Vote Karen Kwan 

Running for the Utah State Legislature in 2014 was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. On election night 2014, we watched nearly 200 votes slip through our hands.  It’s not going to be that way in 2016!

We know this election is all about the numbers: The number of voters who come to the polls, the number of dollars raised to run an efficient and effective campaign, and the number of volunteers who give their time to help get our message out.

We know numbers matter and here are some other numbers that matter to us:

50: Utah’s ranking in per pupil spending (yes, we’re ranked last in the nation!)

20: The mere number of per pupil dollars increased since 1997


70: the number of cents women make for a man’s dollar in Utah

7: our ranking in women owned businesses in the nation

15: the $ per hour it takes to be able to afford a modest 2 bedroom apartment in Salt Lake City

12: (out of 75) the number of democrats in the Utah House of Representatives

6: (out of 75) the number of people of color in the Utah House of Representatives

3: (out of 75) the number of women of color in the Utah House of Representatives

1: The number of House 34 candidates who will work for education, clean air, economic development, health care coverage, working families, and equal representation for women and ethnic minorities.

1: Karen Kwan.

Numbers matter.

Will you join me? Donate NOW to help me improve on these numbers.


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I look forward to working with you all in 2016 and beyond!

With every best wish,