Karen, by nature, is an advocate for others. Through her selfless service and her ability to listen to both sides of a debate, her strength to stand when no one else will and her desire to always do what’s right, gives her the tenacity to get the job done!


She’s a Mother. Karen is many things and wears many hats, but what she is most proud of being the mother of three beautiful daughters. Her desire to serve her community and to strive for what’s best stems from the love she has for her own children.







She’s an Educator. For more than 25 years Karen Kwan has dedicated her career to education. As a teacher with a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy, she understands the importance of investing in education so that our children will be fully prepared as they take on the future






She’s a Community Leader. Serving her community is one thing that Karen has always been passionate about. She has served selflessly through various community and civic engagement organizations. Karen will work for what’s right, honest and fair for Utah.